institutional projects

Werner International continues to play an influential and advisory role with governments and institutions through a whole range of projects to support the textile and apparel sector. Often working behind the scenes, our organization has been offering structured support to governments, organizations, associations and other policy makers in the form of industry evaluations, restructuring, industry growth, privatization, training schemes, productivity improvements, brand building, market intelligence, and project management.

Over the past decade, Werner International is proud to have conducted over 100 such projects for government agencies, industrial development corporations, regional and national textile organizations, R&D organizations, consumer groups and financial institutions.

In most cases, studies cover complete sectors of the industry on a regional, national or international basis and include implementation programs to ensure successful outcome.

Werner International also has a significant track record in international cooperation work. Our clients include state, local and national governments, multilateral and bilateral development agencies such as USAID, the European Commission and the World Bank as well as the private sector.

Our international development skills draw on our extensive experience of working in every continent, to give us an intimate knowledge of the political, institutional, technical and market conditions. These are factors that characterize each individual economic context and that shape the manufacturing and trading environment in which the textile and apparel industry operates.

Werner’s extensive experience in the global private sector makes it a unique source of understanding of specific textile and apparel market dynamics and an ideal candidate for conducting in depth benchmarking exercises. We are able to swiftly assess the level of capability of companies in a specific cluster or geographical area and develop and apply methodologies for improvement and growth.