Brand & Retail Management

Under the heavy competitive pressure of low cost and rapidly improving companies such as those in China and India, many players, particularly in medium to high cost countries are forced to develop new business models and strategic approaches in order to reposition and distance themselves from the commodity markets into higher value added segments and niches.

Many are now left with no alternative other than to adapt, change and often revolutionize their business model, upgrade their value proposition and promote their own brands, in order to survive in this new globally competitive environment. For many such companies, long-term survival will depend on their ability to reposition themselves in the area of higher value market segments, where fashion, luxury and impulse buying dictate unpredictability.

The luxury market segments will continue to grow steadily in the future, but will also demand differentiated and innovative products, high flexibility and responsiveness, clear brand positioning and a coherent image.

Too often “branding” is perceived as a simple escape from aggressive competition. It is not.
One needs more than a retail presence, a recognizable logo and some publicity expenditure. One has to build-up an innovative recipe, find the right balance between a wide range of tangible and intangible ingredients, and leverage a clear vision of global market dynamics and opportunities.

Brand management, retail management and supply chain management are the three key ingredients which, when linked to a winning idea, lead to successful brand building.

At Werner International we have developed a number of high level alliances with leading organizations, experts and gurus in the key areas of branding, retailing, public relations, communication, arts and design. We have invited them to contribute to many Werner International projects, integrating their strengths with Werner’s unique know-how and pragmatic project management.
Through seminars and workshops, planning sessions and coaching programs we have worked with the company’s top management team, to lay the foundations for the company’s branding vision and business model development.