Human Resource

Werner International’s training systems have been refined and proven in hundreds of textile and apparel plants throughout the world while Werner’s manuals represent a recognized point of reference for international best practice in the industry. Based on scientific principles of behavior modification, the “Analytical Method Productivity System” (AMPS) provides an intensive program for training operators, supervisors and management reflecting the need of the industry for continuous training and improvement.

All Werner International training systems revolve around two practical considerations: they must allow the individual to acquire knowledge and skills which are of immediate benefit to the individual and his/her company, and the training must be done in-house in order to address directly the company’s needs without interruption of production. Training activities are particularly focused upon supervisors and executive managers, stressing a combination of processing knowledge, operational control and troubleshooting, while great emphasis is placed on the design of the most suitable “organizational” architecture.

The capability to compete is in fact increasingly dependant on the ability to adopt and manage change within the organizational structure of a company and to properly leverage knowledge and new technologies while guaranteeing responsive action to fast changing customer needs and stringent market conditions.