President Message

Constantine Raptis President

It is a real honor for me to have the opportunity to address once more the International Textile and Clothing Community, especially at this delicate moment in its history, a period characterized by powerful evolving relocation dynamics and truly global competition.
I am especially proud of the tremendous benefits created in the industry by our people and our organization in over 80 years of activity. Werner International has always been committed to sharing its profound and vast knowledge of the textile and apparel business for the benefit of its clients and partners.
At present, each textile, apparel or fashion company -whatever its size, location or market- is confronted with a wide range of alternative strategic options, ranging from industrial structure to logistics and marketing activities. It becomes more and more impractical to make the right choices and carry out the necessary changes using only one’s internal forces and competences.
Werner is in a unique position to offer professional advice, guidance and effective assistance to its clients, not only because of our decades of experience in the field, undeniably a vital ingredient of our strength, but also for our corporate culture focusing on innovation and effective implementation.
Our competences and organization have evolved continuously over time in conjunction with the developments and requirements of the industry. Over the years we have developed unique skills and tools in new areas such as Market Intelligence, Strategy & Branding, Networking & Global Supply Chain Orchestration and Information Management. These are in addition to our extensive industrial and technological capabilities, for which the Werner name is justly acclaimed.
The approach we take is to view each company or organization as an individual case, with its own history and vision, infrastructure, products and manufacturing set-up. We tailor our assistance to the precise and varying needs of each client, and since we are specialized and dedicated solely to the textile, clothing and fashion world, we have an unrivalled advantage in bringing world class service. In addition our global presence results in our offering a unique and worldwide network of top tier contacts.
Many are the challenges ahead, but we feel very positive about the future. Admittedly the playing field will be more global and based on ever more open competition. But it will be a market in which companies capable of leading and innovating in their technology, in their business models and strategic approach will be able to secure a profitable future.
Many have been predicting an inexorable commoditization of this industry, an industry that will only be driven by cost. We do not believe so. Plenty of opportunities will be there for companies capable of understanding consumers, companies that can provide differentiation, adaptation, localization through the development of incisive business models and the development of high performance manufacturing set-ups.
I look forward to offering our organization’s unique specialist services in all areas of the industry in the years to come.



Constantine Raptis