Strategy Services

Global textile and fashion markets are changing rapidly in both production and consumption. The competitive playing field is being contested by companies of all sizes from all corners of the world in response to the consumer’s rapidly changing requirements, tastes and purchasing patterns.

In addition, the aggressive global distribution sector comprising colossal retailers and logistic players continues to gain market share and negotiating power in all areas leaving those unprepared trailing far behind and losing business.

In order to survive and prosper companies need to avoid direct price competition and instead should leverage their competitive advantage.

They can:

– Understand, anticipate and contribute to the market evolution;
– Play an active global role in the international arena through acquisitions, alliances and networking;
– Develop a clear vision of success factors for the future;
– Create winning organizations by investing in talented people and best technology.
– Think ‘outside the box’, through innovation and creation of new products, and product concepts;
– Orchestrate all processes along the entire supply chain.

The removal of trade barriers and the low labor cost in certain countries are two of the main driving forces behind the relocation of textile and apparel production around the globe. The ever increasing globalization of the textile and apparel industry is forcing all industrial players to revise their strategies and pose themselves the following two main sets of questions:

– How shall my company “internalize” rather then resist these changes?
– What makes and will make sense to produce in my home country
– Are my competitive advantages sustainable in the long term?

Entrepreneurs, owners and top managers are developing these new strategic visions for their companies and are aligning their organization, processes and technology to match. A properly communicated vision will galvanize people within the organization through the sharing of these objectives and priorities as well as providing the structure for coordinating, measuring and improving the many facets of their business.

The uniquely qualified Werner Strategy Team and its global network of associates offer to its international customers an interesting portfolio of strategic assistance projects. These are founded upon a rigorous methodology and our extensive knowledge of leading best practice.

We offer:

– Marketing strategy development
– Market entry strategy development
– International sales organization development
– Top Management training and coaching
– Brand positioning analysis
– Brand development and repositioning
– Content branding strategy development
– Strategic market intelligence
– Exports development
– Partner search, strategic alliances and Joint Venture formation
– Project feasibility, risk and start-up studies and interim management
– Supply chain management and strategic networking
– Branding
– Retailing
– Organization re-engineering and Human Resources development programs
– Plan assessment and strategic due diligence
– Innovation research
– M & A – Mergers and Acquisitions

Werner International’s approach to M&A is quite unique and very effective. We help identify best strategic fit parties, collect relevant intelligence and establish top-level contacts and negotiation lines – all this while guaranteeing the highest level of confidentiality.