Market Intelligence

In today’s world, competitive companies are navigating the rapidly changing business environment by charting their way with clear, precise and timely information. They are proactive, flexible, innovative, but most of all knowledgeable. This can only be achieved if business and market knowledge and information are considered a key strategic tool within the company’s organization. Werner’s Market Intelligence Department, with its highly experienced team, coordinates the development of sophisticated ad hoc market analyses and direct market studies including primary and secondary information searches. This is not only about externally acquired information. It is in fact surprising how much informally managed market information is held within a company, unused. Sales representatives, designers, buyers, customer account personnel: they all act as potential antennae, collecting a multitude of inputs, but in most cases lack the necessary tools to efficiently decode, process and elaborate them into strategic information that can be used across the entire organization. The Werner approach is quite unique. Werner does not provide a specific information management software or standard solution. Instead we take a very pragmatic approach which has been tried, tested, applied and verified over the years. We prepare and implement a custom-designed Marketing Intelligence Management System (MIMS) and ensure also the necessary training and coaching support. Custom-designed because only in differentiation can value be created.