Quality Management

In recent times the development of quality systems and quality assurance models has been facilitated by increasingly reliable and almost fault-free production methods, including robotics and as a consequence reduced reliance on manpower. Nonetheless the textile and apparel industry is still searching for a commonly accepted universal approach to quality management.

Quality Assurance involves the application of an integrated approach to quality management that focuses on the issues arising from the design of the process in order to create a continuous self-improving system which will eventually guarantee that quality is “built in” and not just something “inspected into” products.

Werner has accumulated a unique set of experiences and competences in supporting textile and apparel companies in the development of their quality management approach.

We have special capabilities in all levels of quality management. The first level is defect tracking back to the production process of origin, along with elimination of the problem perhaps with re-setting equipment, re-training of operators or even through purchase of new machines.

The second level, often called “total quality control” involves sustained quality performance, within the organization and extended also to include suppliers.
The third level requires commitment to quality by all individuals in the organization and applied to all aspects of operation, and not just to the production areas. This often focuses on such techniques as quality circles.

Charged with the increasing weight of intangibles, the definition of quality largely depends on the specific strategic positioning of a product proposition or brand. No matter what techniques are used for assessing quality, it is vital that the company sets goals and is measuring itself against them.

These goals must be seen as interim steps in the process of continuous improvement, knowing that such a process cannot be successful without participative management and an environment which promotes employee empowerment and a “quality culture”.