Information Management

Information Management (IM) or Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is today considered to be an essential facility for internal control, product development, customer service and future planning.
It is a fundamental instrument in the execution and monitoring of a Company’s Competitive Strategy.

The path leading to each strategic goal must be carefully monitored through the establishment of measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Awareness of the connections between the different “leading” KPIs in the company’s value chain, the measuring of “gaps” in relation to predefined targets or to previous situations and the ability to forecast trends, are all keys to incisive improvements and a successful company competitive strategy. It is clear that any one strategic decision will be based on sound information, whether sourced internally or externally.

We at Werner have been assisting our customers in the art of continual improvement and knowledge management through the application of consolidated IM methodologies and Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) systems.

Our methodology integrates executive information systems and decision support systems to allow management to make informed decisions from real world current data. Manipulation of management information requires a fast and efficient multidimensional database system, powerful Report Generator features, charting and model building to allow creation of support simulations and ‘what-if’ scenarios. In addition, by applying techniques such as Balanced Scorecard and management intelligence we have encouraged goal-sharing and a more constructive, competitive and team-spirited environment.

Over the years, we have analyzed and evaluated the specific computer packages and business solutions available for textiles, garment and fashion applications, and are able to advise on their selection. Companies need forecasting models to analyze trends and seasonal components as well as database manipulation tools for budget creation and analysis. Systems need to apply in all business areas including marketing and sales information analysis, planning and budgeting support, production analysis, cost control, activity-based cost management and quality analysis.

The Werner approach allows management to leverage knowledge and information into workable competitive strategies.