Werner International, which has provided management and strategic consulting services exclusively to fiber, textile, apparel, and retail customers on a worldwide basis for over 80 years, has conducted a third-party independent review of the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR).
This report examines the economic and societal impact of the CAFTA-DR agreement and provides findings highlighting: the current benefits of the strong coproduction chain under the trade deal; the adverse impact associated with any proposals by retailers and apparel brands to weaken the rules of origin, such as changing the short supply mechanism and/or instituting other “flexibilities” in the agreement such as cumulation; and the role of China in the region and global textile and apparel supply chain.
Lastly, the study provides recommendations to the Biden administration, which is currently conducting a comprehensive review of root causes of migration issues associated with three Northern Triangle countries within the CAFTA-DR region.

Download Report:  Werner Final